Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is a shirt we were playing with a new product that we bought from Dharma Trading Co.  It is made from Jacquard and is called Collor Magnet.  It is a little slimy and thinner than silk screening ink, and come in only one color yellow.

We started out with a white t-shirt and cut out this design on vinyl using our e-craft with Sure Cuts A Lot.  Then placed it on our Yudu screen using our bigger silk screen equipment the Silver Press 4 in 1.  We like to use the Yudu screens for smaller jobs (less to clean up).

First we screened it like normal.  I was a very pale yellow.  Then we dried it and used zip ties (didn't have rubber bands, next time I will) and used iDye kelly green which we also bought from Dhrama, and poured the dye in my front loader and placed 5 shirts in and turned it on using very hot water.  We then cut off the zip ties and dried them in the dryer.

The Color Magnet grabbed the green and made it darker.  I have seen a video where they started with a yellow shirt and did a design on it the tied the sleeves and bottom of the shirt and dyed it blue.  The design was blue the shirt was green and the sleeves and bottom had a yellow ring.  3 colors with one dye.  It makes it very soft to the touch. 

I made a video and will post it soon.  My husband is editing it.  It will be on my craftysansan channel on Youtube.


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