Saturday, August 4, 2012

Made a Quilt using Jacquard color magnet.  I love this stuff it is so easy to use, and when your are done and look ant it and feel it is so soft that you think it was made right into the fabric. 

I designed this and then cut both out of vinyl and silk screened it on white cotton fabric.  Then threw it in the washer with Jacquard idye (brown).  When they were dry I used my accuquilt rag die and cut out squares of brown and of my dyed designs.  I also cut out squares using flannel material with brown surf and sea design and white with blue polka dots.  I think it came out great.  My son has a VW bus with a camper and since the also love the band Phish we made the fish look like the bands but changed the word Phish to Phin for my grandson Phin. This is my first quilt.  I am learning and really enjoy it.  Who know I might start getting in to piece quilting too. Thanks for looking